Not usually, though you should check your tenancy agreement to make sure that this is explicit.

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If your landlord would like you to vacate the property, they can change the locks in certain circumstances, but they must also give you reasonable notice of this. Such circumstances include:

  • When you share communal facilities with your landlord or their family (kitchen, bathroom etc.).
  • You’re living there as part of a holiday.
  • You don’t pay any rent.
  • You’re a hotel guest.

If you are none of the above your landlord must follow a fair process to evict you.

If your landlord just wants to change the locks as part of a routine repair they have certain obligations which they must meet in order to comply with the law; they are:

  • Meeting health and safety requirements.
  • Making sure you as tenants can live peacefully.
  • Accepting rent.
  • Keeping you informed.
  • Actually carrying out some repairs.
  • They give you a spare copy of the keys to the new lock.

J Mills Locksmiths can sometimes be called by a landlord to change locks. If you find that a locksmith attempts to change your locks but you didn’t ask for it and the landlord haven’t ask for your permission to do so; you basically have the right to send the locksmith away.

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