Car Key (Copy and Spare) Cutting Services in Manchester

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Most families are now in possession of a car and are issued with car keys when purchasing or leasing their car.  However, it is not uncommon (through whatever reason, carelessness or simply forgetting where they have been placed) for those original car keys to be misplaced, so having a spare set(s), when you most need them, can be a saviour in an emergency situation.  It is therefore highly recommend that you have a spare set of car keys created for such emergency circumstances and that they are securely kept in your house (e.g. in a safe).

The remainder of this page describes the car key services that we, as a company, provide, with a particular emphasis on how we differentiate from other similar companies and the competitive prices that we offer.

Our Key Cutting Services

J Mills Locksmiths in Manchester are equipped with the latest car key programming equipment, which enables us to provide an affordable service to our customers.  We endeavour to replace car keys in a cost effective manner, thereby ensuring that our services provide a more affordable option that the car’s manufacturer or dealer. 

For almost all car types, we can cut car keys at a price that is substantially less expensive than what could be provided by the original car manufacturer or dealer.  We maintain an exhaustive stock of car key blanks and transponder chips to ensure that we provide an effective and efficient service, at affordable prices. This means that, for most car types, we can cut keys within hours, thereby ensuring that our customers are not too inconvenienced.

The key cutting equipment and transponder programming software that we use integrates some of the most advanced technology available to ensure that the keys are an exact replica of the original.  Our service is accompanied by guarantee service to ensure that you, as the customer, are satisfied with the end product.  

Further Advice/Information on Key Cutting Services

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