Here’s a 4 point checklist of what to do before you leave for your holiday.

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  1. Tell a neighbour that you are going away. If you know and trust your neighbour let them know you are going away. We recommend giving them a spare key and your alarm code, in the case that it goes off whilst you are away. You may also want to ask them to pick up any mail or newspapers which could lie around your property that make your home look unoccupied.
  2. Social Media Many people publish that they are going on holiday on Facebook or ‘check-in’ at the airport and upload photos whilst they are away. This is fine as long as your friends on Facebook are trustworthy, if you are friends with anyone and everybody, it might be time to delete some people who you are unsure of to ensure that your home is kept safe whilst you are on holiday.
  3. Cancel deliveries If you receive a daily newspaper or milk delivery, cancel those items for the period that you are away.
  4. Make your home look occupied To make your home look lived-in, ask a friend or neighbour to close and open curtains and look after your mail you could even ask them to leave their car on your driveway.

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