How to stop burglars from targeting your home in Manchester.

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Remote Control of Internal Lights

  • Irrespective of the length of time, properties that are unoccupied (e.g. persons on holiday or simply spending the evening away from the property with friends or family) are one of the most opportunist moments for burglars to act.  Burglars monitor the movements of people and are generally well-informed as to whether a potential target property is vacant. 
  • Therefore, a key technological device/system that has developed and advanced in recent years to counter unoccupied properties is to remotely control the lights (e.g. randomly switching them on and off, turning them on and off at pre-defined times and intervals) inside the property using a mobile phone and facilitated by apps such as Easybulb, the Home App for Apple Users, and SmartThings for Samsung users.
  • Leaving them on from 6pm-11pm for instance, will make it look like you’re at home, helping to prevent a burglary.

Delivery Service Security

  • An obvious sign that a property is unoccupied (and hence an obvious target for a burglar) is when delivery services such as newspapers and milk, mail in the letter box, etc., accumulate at the front door over a period of time.  This can easily be eliminated by cancelling or suspending such services or advising the postal services that all mail to the property shall be collected from the distribution office on return to the property. 

Vehicle (Car) Parking Security

  • A car parked on the driveway (as opposed to on the road) of a property has a detrimental impact on the potential for a burglary as it suggests that the property is occupied.  A good example of this is where persons, who commute to work using public transport, leave their car parked on the drive as opposed to on the road can help to deter burglars.  This is also an effective deterrent works when people are on holiday.
  • Further, if the persons in the house have pets that require care and attention, then using a trusted friend to call to the house and attend to them (e.g. feeding and cleaning them), also acts as a deterrent to burglars because it means there’s someone in the house, and another car parked outside.
  • Close-Circuit Television (CCTV)

  • CCTV is widely regarded as the most effective and number one deterrent for burglars.  CCTV films and records the movements and actions of intruders, both inside and outside the property (although there are limitations on the extent of the coverage outside the property), and its footage is often used by police to incriminate burglars through subsequent investigations and interviews.
  • Regarding CCTV, the most important thing is to ensure that the CCTV cameras are working and recording.  This can be done both within the property and remotely via the use of mobile phones.

Further Security Advice

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