Master Key Suites for Landlords in Manchester

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As a landlord, it’s likely that you’ve been contacted by a tenant who has misplaced their house key and requires an immediate replacement.  This can be inconvenient if it occurs at an inappropriate or inopportune time, especially if you don’t have a ‘spare’ key and have to go to a locksmith to get one cut.  To eliminate this possibility, and to avoid any potential repeat with other tenants in similar circumstances, it would be highly beneficial if, as a landlord, you were in possession of a ‘Master Key Suite’, which comprises one key to fit in one lock for tenants, and the landlord retains he Grand Master key which opens all locks. By having a Master Key Suite, landlords only need to be in possession one key and can then contact a locksmith when they need a new key cut for any one of their residents. J Mills Locksmiths provides such a Master Key Suite service.

The remainder of this page expends on the above and further describes the benefits of a Master Key Suite for landlords and how it satisfies their needs.

Benefits a Master Key Suite for Landlords

The benefits/advantages of Master Key Suite for landlords are as follows:

  • Can be used by landlords who own one or multiple properties, each with multiple tenants;
  • Improves the security of the locks and reduces the potential for losing multiple keys; and,
  • Expeditious production of replacement keys, which can either be couriered or physically collected at the locksmiths.

Further, Master Key Suites are:

  • Useful for anyone with numerous locks and for managing and controlling the security of their keys. Suites can be developed for a variety of locks including, but not limited to, mortice locks, cylinders, padlocks and cam locks; and are also,
  • Used for commercial properties, offices and hotels.

Further Advice/Information on Master Key Suites

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