Using Master Locksmith Association (MLA) Approved Locksmiths

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J Mills Locksmiths are an approved members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA), which is the governing body for locksmiths. To become an approved member, this means that our services and products are subject to a rigorous evaluation and assessment process, with a particular focus on quality control, workmanship and documentation.  As an approved MLA company, the MLA conducts periodic inspections of our services and products to ensure that our customers and clients are receiving a locksmith service that satisfies good industry practices and standards, i.e. a high quality service.  Our engineers and technicians are naturally passionate and enthusiastic about their work, and undergo regular competency assessments to ensure that we, as a company, continue to aspire to the high standards required by the MLA.

The remainder of this page provides an overview of:

  • Why You Should Use An MLA Approved Locksmith?
  • Benefits and Advantages of Using An MLA Approved Locksmith;
  • MLA – A Trusted Association; and,
  • Further Advice/Information on MLA Approved Locksmiths.

Why You Should Use An MLA Approved Locksmith?

Like any service, whether it be a locksmith or other profession/occupation, a customer or client has every right to expect a high quality service that is delivered by highly competent and professional people.  For locksmiths in particular, who specialise in the installation and changing of locks, the high standards of the MLA, and their approved companies, ensure that all our engineers and technicians are appropriately qualified (with the relevant technical qualifications) and are subject to comprehensive competency assessments.  Further, MLA approved companies are vetted and regularly inspected by the association.

Benefits and Advantages of Using An MLA Approved Locksmith

The benefits/advantages of using an MLA approved locksmith are as follows:

  • They provide a professional service (installation and maintenance), which is supported by the technical knowledge and experience of their staff;
  • They provide a pricing commitment and guarantee that is agreed with the customer/client prior to the work commencing and which is fixed for the duration of the works and services;
  • All locksmith technicians and engineers are appropriated qualified and trained in accordance with MLA requirements and standards;
  • They implement strict quality control and assurance processes to ensure that their workmanship is to the highest standard; and,
  • Disputes, complaints and/or grievances from customers/clients are addressed and investigated individually, with the necessary level of attention, in accordance with the relevant MLA requirements.

MLA - A Trusted Association

The locksmith trade is not regulated by a government authority, but the MLA, as the governing body for locksmiths, can essentially be considered as the regulator for that industry/trade.  The MLA is a non-for-profit organisation that promotes the knowledge and skill within the industry/trade, as well as maintaining the integrity of the industry.

Further, to further enhance their status within the industry/trade, the MLA is recognised by the following:

  • Police;
  • Home Office;
  • British Standards Institute; and,
  • Neighbourhood Home Watch. 

Further Advice/Information on MLA Approved Locksmiths

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