Fixed fee safe opening. We’re a safe bet.

If your safe eats up twice as many drill bits as expected or takes far more time than planned, do not worry, our quoted price to you always remains the same.

From the highest quality jewellers safe to the cheapest digital home safe, they can all sometimes go wrong. Keys can be lost or burglars cause damage in their attempted attack. Please see our identification page before calling. Better still email some pictures please, see “Helpful Information” below. Basic “Nusafe / S&L / Hika / Keygard ” style digital A5 safes are charged at our standard locksmith door opening rates. Because they are not very secure at all.

Guide prices for opening and rekeying safes with lost keys

Older safes with brass handles can be picked open and new keys made from £180 all inclusive.
Domestic plate safes can be picked open and a new lock fitted from £180 all inclusive.
Better quality commercial safes are priced by their insurance grade and the specific locks fitted.
Grade Zero, around £240, Grade One around £300, Grade two around £360, Grade three safes from £450.
We will change the lock so that lost or stolen keys can not be used.

If another ‘locksmith’ has already tried drilling your safe and failed, then our job could be far more difficult and involved. Always ask why they are drilling and how they will repair it before letting them damage your property.

Safe key or combination not working

Quality safes have complex door mechanisms which can go wrong. Correct diagnosis of the problem is essential and requires expert knowledge. Best and worst case estimates can be given over the phone if enough information is provided. Exact prices can only be calculated after examining the safe. Photos are a great help please.

How much does a Locksmith Cost?

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